Biorepair, which was introduced following the success of BlanX, is the first and only toothpaste that repairs the enamel of teeth. A joint collaboration project between the research laboratories of BlanX eand LEBSC (Laboratorio di Strutturistica Chimica Ambientale e Biologica) of the University of Bologna, and over a year and a half of university researches for an innovative patented formula: microRepairŽ, that is bioactive microparticles that are similar to the minerals that form dentine and enamel (hydroxyapatite). These particles effectively remineralize and repair the enamel, stimulating a safe re-growth of new hydryapatite.
Its innovative properties that are similar to those of Blanx will surely contribute to the creation of a new market segment constituted by toothpastes that are able to repair the damaged surface of enamel. Biorepair comes in four versions: Total protection repair, Fast sensitive repair, whitening and intensive night repair. And starting from April 2007, customers will also be able to purchase in chemists the new Biorepair 20% that contains an added 30% of active principles.
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