Bel Cane e Bel Gatto


Scientific research conducted in the laboratories of BELCANE BELGATTO has led to a line of products designed for the cleanliness, hygiene and health of your 4-legged friends.

The Brand in short

The experience and quality that distinguish the Istituto Erboristico Angelica are now at the service of a new line of products dedicated to our little 4-legged pals. All formulas are designed to keep our animals healthy and fit in a delicate manner, in line with the Institutes's philosophy through the use of its natural, safe and effective extracts. Regardless of the breed of our pets, wind, rain and weather affect the cleanliness and beauty of their fur and skin. The Angelica BELCANE line of Shampoo and Conditioner is specially designed to ensure gentle cleansing and provide a visible sheen and mild fragrance.


The eyes and ears of our 4-legged friends are also extremely delicate and require daily attention: the Angelica BELCANE and BELGATTO cleaning solutions and sanitizers help clean these areas and prevent bacterial infections. The synergy between the trace minerals, amino acids, vitamins and plant fats is at the base of a new line of complementary feeds for your 4-legged friends, which ensures a healthy and balanced diet and pleasant taste.

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