The Isomar line leverages the benefits of sea water to aid in the daily well-being of the nose, eyes and ears. Isomar products are based on sea water that originate from the Cinque Terre Marine Park, which is characterised by a scarcity of heavy metals and hydrocarbons and a high concentration of oxygen, due to the low tidal differences in the area. 

The Brand in short

Water is drawn 3.5 miles away from the coast at a depth of 6 meters. Sunlight still penetrates at that depth and fuels the growth of algae, allowing iodine content to form. Water is drawn using a method to remove impurities and prevent outside contamination, specially designed to keep the ecological balance of the marine park intact.


The Isomar line is broad and complete thanks to its products for both adults and children, as well as to its products that range from the segment of daily hygiene to those more specific such as congestion and allergies. The Isomar line also consists of eye drops for eye care and sprays for ear care and cleansing. Find out more.

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